It's Murder

"This is the second time we have visited this hotel for the 'It's Murder' weekend and have to say, it just gets better! We came with friends and we all loved our weekend at the hotel and the murder entertainment was brilliant! The cast are top class and didn't fail to entertain us!"
bonnylol, Stourbridge, February 2018

It's Murder

Murder Mysteries - Entertainment to DIE for

From the moment you meet your fellow guests beware, you could be talking to a murderer blissfully unaware of the sinister events that are about to unfold. A bloodcurdling scream. A gunshot. Silence.

The game is afoot!

You are now involved in a murder enquiry headed by our very own detectives. With murder on the menu you are all potential super sleuths looking for means, motive and opportunity.

In your search for the truth you will uncover clues as well as the inevitable red herring or two. Who committed murder and why? Who had the most to gain? Add plot-twisting action and you have a case worthy of the attention of any famous detective. It's Murder, but will any of your guests be clever enough to work out Whodunit?

Whether you fancy a private murder mystery at your own home or would like to have an all inclusive murder mystery cruise on a Caribbean Cruise Liner, It's Murder will always provide entertainment to die for!

Why not attend one of our very popular public murder mystery dinners and weekends held throughout the year? From Yorkshire to Guernsey and Shropshire to Hull we have venues that cater for different budgets and styles. Full details can be found on our "Public Events" and "Venues" pages. We can provide Dead Good Entertainment for your birthday party, hen party, or retirement, with plots for any occasion and any size event from 10 to 100!

Fund raising

For almost 20 years, It’s Murder have raised thousands of pounds for charities and local events. Our advice is free and we can talk you through every step to ensue your fund raising event raises a lot of money and is dead good. All you have to do is either ring Jack on 0845 166 1955, or email